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The Cool Stars 19 public lecture

Seeing the distant, the dusty, and the dark

Dr. David Soderblom
Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore (USA)

Wednesday 08 June 2016 at 19:00
Uppsala Konsert och Kongress.

How the James Webb Space Telescope will help reveal the origins of our Universe, our Galaxy and our World

The James Webb Space Telescope will in the near future help answer questions raised by the ageing Hubble Space Telescope. In this public lecture, Dr. David Soderblom (Space Telescope Science Institute, USA) will use images from Hubble to illustrate the potential that JWST offers in answering questions about the Universe. Along the way, he will describe the enormous technical challenges of building a satellite that is larger than a bus and that must be cooled to -200° C!

Dr. Soderblom is an Astronomer at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, Maryland USA, where he has been for the past 32 years. STScI is the science operations center for the Hubble Space Telescope and will also operate the James Webb Space Telescope once it is launched in 2018. The JWST is a joint mission of the space agencies of the US, Europe and Canada.